The Company carries out services of tours and safaris in Zanzibar and expecting to expand to Tanzania mainland in the near future. We provide private and group tours at reasonable costs. Our customer`s satisfaction is our number one priority. Come and experience the hospitality and friendliness of Zanzibar people. We at Issam Tours and Safaris will make your stay a memorable one!


Please meet our proud family!

Issam R. Mussa
The Founder

Hard-working and ambitious, his passion for the tourism sector in Zanzibar, pushed him to start his own company with the aim of providing Safaris adventure at an affordable cost so that everyone has a chance to experience the beauty of Zanzibar!

Aisha H. Mussa
The Co-founder

Since returning back home, she joined as a volunteer at Zanzibar International Film Festival (ZIFF) she is a big fan of traveling and exploring; she is the brain behind most of the company’s initiatives.

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